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About CriteriCon:

CriteriCon is a new convention spotlighting interactive entertainment and innovative creators. With a progressive mindset, CriteriCon supports the myriad interests, lifestyles, hobbies, and communities that indulge in, are inspired by, and live off of creative works and technology. CriteriCon aims to provide and encourage a safe and kind environment, and act on every great idea and contribution to the best of its ability.

CriteriCon will feature independent creators including artists, performers, writers, game developers, inventors, and others. We will also bring the curtain up on interactive theatre and gaming experiences via stage shows, mystery dinners, LARP (live action role playing games) and ARG (alternate reality games). The idea is to connect these elements live in creative ways, intertwine them with education, and foster the evolution of great ideas and connections amidst our convention, which carry forward into each person’s life beyond our event. We endeavor to keep CriteriCon active and evolving with our attendees and contributors even between events.

CriteriCon’s Development:

CriteriCon is produced by Adrianne Grady who has nearly two decades of experience creating and helping to run conventions, live events, film and theatre productions, and games. She has a passion for live events that bring communities together and loves to celebrate and sponsor creative endeavors. It’s been her dream to run a convention with good ethics and environments. After studying the successful structures of a number of other conventions over the years and having received offers of assistance, she’s moving forward with CriteriCon.

The goal is to continue onward as an independent convention, either setting down in one and/or more locations (branches), or performing as a tour (if it is the will of the majority of the fans). This requires event insurance, location and booking costs, legal costs, travel costs, supplies and materials costs, promotional costs, staff costs, etc. In order to thrive and provide, we provide ways for people to contribute via in person as well as online (ie: Crowdfunding, Donations, Volunteering, etc.). We need everyone’s help to promote it, so please help us by sharing the news, inviting your friends, and contributing in others ways if you can.



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